Monday, February 23, 2009

Evil twins

Here are the Evil Wonder Twins. I'd like to pretend that this photo is the result of extensive training, but really, the amount of dog training going on in my house has been pretty minimal. I saw my brother doing something to the porch roof, opened the back door to see what was going on, and Finley rushed the door with his big fat head and ran out. They were surprised and made roaring noises at first, but then spent about 45 minutes running in circles and taking turns humping each other. Good times, good times.


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Sara said...

Greetings to the Great and Glorious :) PAWS is gathering entries for pit bull success stories, and i wanted to pass this along since Finley's such a handsome big-headed devil...

We are working on an exciting project, details to come soon, and we are gathering success stories of your adopted pit bulls. To participate, please complete the questionnaire below and email it to sara.schoenleber (at) Be creative! Below is the questionnaire, and a sample submission that you can use as a guide.

Name (your dog's name, not yours!):
Nickname (something silly that you call your dog):
Location (where in or around Philadelphia do you live? Tell us your neighborhood or town - Old City, Italian Market, Conshohocken, etc.):
Specialty (something your dog does that makes you smile):
Hobbies (some of your dog's favorite activities):
Claim to fame (something that makes you proud of your dog):
Claim to shame (something funny but embarrassing about your dog):
Your dog's story (a brief paragraph telling us more about your dog):

With your questionnaire, please attach up to 5 photos of your dog. Photos linked from online albums are often too small to use, so we prefer that you send the photos via email. One of the photos will be selected to appear with the questionnaire. Choose photos that showcase your dog's personality, and make sure they aren't blurry, too dark, or too small. By submitting this questionnaire, you grant permission to PAWS to use and publish your responses. Please note that your submission may be edited for length or content.

Please submit your questionnaires and photos by Sunday, March 8. Thank you for being a part of this effort!

Sample submission:
Name: Reggie
Location: Northern Liberties
Nickname: World Famous Snugglebutt of Philadelphia
Specialty: Slobbery kisses…when you least expect them.
Hobbies: Sneaking onto the couch, digging in the sand at the Jersey Shore, chasing cats, hanging out in coffee shops, kissing strangers
Claim to fame: Earned his Canine Good Citizen Award in August 2008
Claim to shame: Afraid of ice cubes
Reggie's story: This handsome young man started out as a stray, living on the streets of North Philadelphia. When PAWS rescued him in December 2007, Reggie was around a year old and only half his normal body weight. Today Reggie lives the happy life of a city dog, taking daily walks, jogging along the Schuylkill, enjoying play dates with his pit bull girlfriends, and practicing his tricks to impress everyone he meets. He has been seen dressed in a tutu, selling kisses to raise money for PAWS. Reggie's favorite people are those who see past his tough-looking exterior to find a heart as big as his jumbo-sized head.