Saturday, January 2, 2010

Back from the dead!

Ugh, 2009 was a long and mostly hard year, and I've been neglecting my blog. I doubt anyone checks it anymore, but if you're still out there, hi!

2009 kinda wasn't good. It was overwhelming and depressing and I didn't have time for a lot of stuff, including dog-related things. I haven't had a lot of time for training, or learning more about dog behavior, or volunteering, or, um, anything. My dogs have been pretty much house dogs, left in a state of benign neglect. A house dog is not a bad thing to be, ultimately. Plenty of food, a big yard to run in, buddies both canine and child to play with, toys to chew, food to snatch from the counter, squirrels to chase, short walks around the neighborhood. A dog could do worse in life. But there hasn't been much outside of that, which makes me feel guilty and sad. Where are the exciting training classes and the hours-long walks through the woods and the adventures we're meant to have, the adventures we used to have? Buried in the stuff of our daily stressful life.

But it's 2010! And things have changed! So I have hope that this year will be better. The day after Christmas we bought a new (used) car to replace our car, which broke down in May, so we will be able to take the dogs to distant places again.

And every day, I look at Finley, and I know that he was the right dog for us. Every day he surprises me with his gentle nature. My son seems to look on him as an annoying younger brother. You see above Finley and A enjoying a television show together. (My taking photos annoyed Finley more than the 35 pounds of toddler sitting on his shoulders.) A takes Finley to his room, shuts both the doors, and plays with him for hours at a time. Fin and Tuni are the best of friends, inseparable. I swear to you, the other day I came into the living room to discover the two of them sitting on the sofa, holding paws, snout to ear, looking for all the world like they were sharing a private joke about the rest of us.

I love my dogs so much. I hope that in the upcoming year, I can show them that in more tangible ways. Less stress, more happy. Sounds like a plan, right?!?